Beneficial Changes after Deploying a Call Recording System
It has been proven that the operator communication level increases rapidly immediately after deploying a call recording solution at a control station or call center.

Immediate Access to Recordings
All our applications offer the fastest possible access to recordings, including archive recordings. This ensures that all calls remain permanently under your control and you do not waste your time on lengthy searches.


Solutions Starting with a Single Line

We offer solutions for recording anything from a single phone line to robust multi-line systems, from basic software up to fully industrial standalone systems.

Optimal Solution Design
We are committed to finding the best solutions for you.

As a standard, we offer the possibility to lend all of our solutions for an agreed time, completely FREE. You just need to contact us and agree on the details.

Call Recording Deployment Samples

Call centers

Control stations

Banks and brokers

Emergency systems, fire brigades, police

Operations with maximum emphasis on customer communication

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